Employees are employed according to the norm staff analysis for all departments, and the need for staff is included in the annual budget. New positions to be opened are determined by norm staff analysis,

The rosters are determined as a result of work analyzes, workload and workforce calculations to be performed by the Human Resources Directorate upon the suggestions of the relevant units. With the budget of each year, the annual staff is also

(In this staff, titles and professional situations are specified as numbers according to the departments.) Considering the business volume and need, they are submitted to the General Directorate for approval in a way that allows comparison with the previous year.

With the approval of the General Manager, the Human Resources Manager is authorized for the personnel to be recruited during the year.

Change or cancellation of the current positions, the need for staff depending on the change other than work, with the relevant units,

 It enters into force with the proposal of the Human Resources Department and the approval of the General Directorate. Employee request and assignment cannot be made without staff approval.

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